101 Proven Headlines for Travel Blogs (Yours Free)

Know why you’re here?headlines for travel blogs

It’s because proven headlines work.

On this page you’ll find 101 proven headlines – some of which have been around for over sixty years.

Plus,  I’ve provided examples specifically for travel so you can see how they work.

I’ve written two examples for each… for a total of 202 ready-made travel headlines.

Feel free to “steal” them for your site.

So without further ado…

How To Headlines

We all enjoy learning how to do things. These headlines are direct and promise valuable information. They also work for travel articles, too!

1. How to [benefit] in [period of time]


  • How to “Do” Italy in 7 Days
  • How to Find The Cheapest Flight in 5 Minutes

2. How to [benefit] and [benefit] without [common problem]


  • How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World… Without Spending A Dime
  • How to Visit Bali and Have the Time of Your Life… Without the Crowds

3. How to Finally [blank]


  • How to Finally Take Your Dream Trip
  • How to Finally Learn Spanish (or French, or Italian) In Under 3 Months

4. How to Take Charge of [common problem]


  • How to Take Charge of Your Life: Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road
  • How to Take Charge of Airline Fees

5. How to Use [blank] to [benefit]


  • How to Use Credit Cards to Travel for Free
  • How to Use Local Websites to Save Money on Flights

6. How to Do [Place] On [$$] A Day


  • How to Do Paris On $35 A Day
  • Trip of a Lifetime: How to Do The World On $500 A Day

7. How to [benefit] With [blank]


  • How to Make Money With Travel Writing
  • How to Travel Africa With Children


Credit: hang_in_there

Credit: Hang In There

It’s a natural response: ask your readers a question, and they’ll subconciously try to answer it.

And if they can’t, you’d better believe they’ll click through to read more…

8. Is [blank] the Best [blank]?


  • Is Vietnam the Best Country in Asia?
  • Is Saigon the Best “Foodie” Town in Vietnam?

9. Are You Making These [blank] Mistakes?


  • Are You Making These Packing Mistakes?
  • Are You Making These 9 Health Mistakes While Traveling?

10. What Kind of [blank] Are You?


  • What Kind of Backpacker Are You?
  • What Kind of Frequent Flyer Are You?

11. Thousands Have [blank]… Why Not You?

  • Thousands Have Saved With Orbitz… Why Not You?
  • Thousands Have Traveled “Round the World”… Why Not You?

12. Why Haven’t You [blank]?


  • Why Haven’t You Visited Africa?
  • Why Haven’t You Taken Your “Dream Trip” Yet?

13. [blank] Vs. [blank]: Which is Better For [blank]?


  • Anthony Bourdain Vs. Michael Palin: Who’s The Best Travel Host?
  • Italy Vs. Spain: Which Has Better Food?
  • The best keto pills for fat loss Vs. Atkins: Low Carb Diet: Which is the Better diet when travelling?

14. Do You Recognize These [blank]?


  • Do You Recognize These Places?
  • Do You Recognize These Travel Blogs? (Hint: You Should)

15. What Is [blank]?


  • What Is A RTW Ticket? Why Should I Get One?
  • What Is Travel Insurance? Do I Need It?

16. I’m Looking For [blank]… Can You Help?


  • I’m Looking For A Few Good Bloggers… Can You Help?
  • I’m Looking For The Best Adventure Stories… Can You Help?

17. Tired of [blank]? Here’s [blank]


  • Tired of Coach? Here’s How to Get Free Upgrades
  • Tired of Hostels? Here’s How to Find Posh Apartments Around the World

18. Which of These [blank] Should You Use?


  • Which of These Frequent Flyer Programs Should You Use?
  • Which of These Credit Cards Should You Use While Traveling?

19. [blank]  7 Reasons You’ll Love…


  • Rich and Famous? 7 Reasons You’ll Love Skiing in Vail
  • Young and Broke? 7 Reasons You’ll Love Southeast Asia

20. How Much Should You Pay for [blank]?


  • How Much Should You Pay for Travel Insurance?
  • How Much Should You Pay for Beer Around the World?

21. Are [blank] Worthless?


  • Are Travel Agents Worthless?
  • Are Guidebooks Worthless?


Credit: wolfsavard

Credit: wolfsavard

OK, you’re not famous… yet.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t “piggyback” on famous people to get your content read. The trick here is to leverage a household name and apply it to your post in a fresh way.

For example…

22. The [famous person]’s Guide to [topic]


  • The Tony Wheeler Guide to Asia
  • The Sopranos’ Guide to New Jersey

23. The Secret [group of people] Use to [Benefit]


  • 7 Secrets Travel Agents Use Themselves to Travel Cheaply
  • The One Secret Peruvians Use to Save Money On Domestic Flights

24. Why [famous person] Is Wrong: [blank]


  • Why Anthony Bourdain is Wrong: 7 Reasons Why Saigon Kicks Hanoi’s Ass
  • Why Lonely Planet is Wrong: How to Travel the World Without a Guidebook

25. Interview: [name or number of subjects]


  • Interview: Trekity Editor-in-Chief Adam Costa (NOTE: I am available for interviews)
  • Interviews: 10 Top Travel Bloggers Share What Works For Them

26. What [Famous Person] Can Teach Us About [blank]


  • What Top Gear Can Teach Us About England
  • What Paris Hilton Can Teach Us About Jet-Setting (But Not Film Production)

27. [famous person]’s Advice for [blank]


  • Charlie Sheen’s Advice for Hollywood’s Best Brothels
  • Michael Palin’s Advice for Traveling the Himalaya

28. Can [famous brand] Really [blank]


  • Can Rough Guides Really Compete With Lonely Planet?
  • Can Expedia and Travelocity Really Make Money for Travel Bloggers?

29. How to [blank] Like [blank]


  • How to Travel the World Like Brad Pitt: 7 Killer Movie Locations (and How To Get There)
  • How to Write Travelogues Like Paul Theroux

30. Top 25 [blank]


  • Top 25 Travel Bloggers for Backpackers
  • Top 25 Travel Sites for Finding and Booking Cheap Flights


Credit: stevendepolo

Credit: stevendepolo

Who doesn’t like secrets? By including this in your headline, you’re promising “inside information” for your readers. Just make sure you deliver!

31. The Secret to [benefit]


  • The Secret to Nomadic Matt’s Success
  • The Secret to Long Term Travel (Without Burning Out)

32. Don’t Buy Another [blank] Until You Read This


  • Don’t Buy Another Guidebook Until You Read This
  • Don’t Buy Another International Flight Until You Read This

33. Don’t Read This if [blank]


  • Don’t Read This if You Want Hepatitis
  • Don’t Read This if You Love the United States

34. [blank]’s Best Kept Secrets


35. The Amazing Secret of [blank]


  • The Amazing Secret for an “Authentic” Travel Experience
  • The Amazing Secret to Working on a Cruise Ship

36. Do Not Visit [place] Until You Read This


  • Do Not Visit Africa Until You Read This
  • Do Not Visit China Until You Read This

37. [blank] Secrets Every [audience] Should Know


  • 5 Airline Secrets Every Business Traveler Should Know
  • 7 Press Trip Secrets Every Travel Writer Should Know

38. Discover the Truth About [blank]


  • Discover the Truth About Hidden Hotel Fees
  • Discover the Truth About Bullfights in Spain


Credit: Phillip Pessar

Credit: Phillip Pessar

Everybody hates making mistakes.

And the thought of making mistakes we’re unaware of makes for a compelling headline.

39. [number] Common [topic] Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)


  • 5 Common Language Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
  • 7 Common “Money” Mistakes While Traveling (and How to Avoid Them)

40. [blank] Mistakes You Should Avoid (but don’t…)


  • 37 Travel Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid (but don’t…)
  • 10 Cultural Mistakes You Should Avoid in Asia (but don’t…)

41. 7 Ways To Screw Up [blank]


  • 7 Ways to Screw Up Your Honeymoon
  • 7 Ways to Screw Up A Trip To Nicaragua

42. WARNING: [potential mistake or threat]


  • WARNING: Switzerland Will Kill Your Budget (Here’s How to Save It…)
  • WARNING: Be Very Careful In Angola

43. [blank] Mistakes That Make You [blank]


  • 10 Language Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb
  • 5 Booking Mistakes That Make You Pay Extra

44. [number] Bad Habits That [blank] and [blank]


  • 7 Bad Habits That Travel Writers and Bloggers Have
  • 5 Bad Traveling Habits That Cost You Money and Wastes Your Time


Credit: renaissancechambara

Credit: renaissancechambara

Lies. The very word hurts, doesn’t it? By placing it in your headline, you’re letting your reader know they’ve been lied to… and you’re here to set the record straight.

45. The Shocking Truth About [blank]


  • The Shocking Truth About Guidebooks
  • The Shocking Truth About Immunizations in Africa

46. [number] Things [authority] Won’t Tell You


  • 7 Things Your Travel Agent Won’t Tell You
  • 5 Things Cruise Lines Won’t Tell You

47. Can You Really Trust [authority]?


  • Can You Really Trust Your Travel Agent?
  • Can You Really Trust Lonely Planet?

48. Lies [People/Company] Like to Tell


  • 5 Lies Online Travel Agencies Love to Tell
  • 7 Lies Frequent Flyer Programs Love to Tell

49. 11 Reasons [blank] Sucks


  • 11 Reasons Disneyland Sucks
  • 5 Reasons American Airlines Sucks


Credit: KendraKaptures

People worry more about losing what they have than getting more.  Put bluntly, fear is more compelling than greed. These headlines promise to protect readers from future maladies.

50. 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From [something bad]


  • 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Malaria
  • 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Getting Robbed at Gunpoint in Jamaica

51. Alert: The New [blank] Scam to Look Out For


  • Alert: The New Credit Card “Miles” Scam to Look Out For
  • Alert: The New Indian Bus Scam to Look Out For

52. 9 [blank] You Should Never [blank]


  • 9 Immunizations You Should Never Get
  • 5 Things You Should Never Tell An Irishman

53. Dealing With [blank]: 7 Steps to [blank]


  • Dealing With Traveler’s Diarrhea: 7 Steps To Plug Up and Move On
  • Dealing With Theft: 7 Steps to Protect Yourself

54. If You’re Not Worried About [blank]… You Should Be


  • If You’re Not Worried About Nepal’s Over-development… You Should Be
  • If You’re Not Worried About Increased Airport Security… You Should Be

55. The 7 Deadly Sins of [blank]

  •  The 7 Deadly Sins of Travel Blogging
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Tour Groups


Credit: Nesster

Your readers have problems. Some they know about… others they don’t. Offer solutions in your headline and deliver them in your post.

56. Get [blank]! 7 Methods That Really Work


  • Get The Cheapest Flights! 7 Methods That Really Work
  • Get Fit While Traveling! 5 Methods That Really Work

57. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All


  • Get Rid of Overpriced Car Rentals Once and For All
  • Get Rid of Jet Lag Once and For All

58. 101 [blank] for [blank]


  • 101 Proven Headlines For Travel Blogs
  • 101 Resources For Saving Money On Your Next Trip

59. Are You Still [blank]? Your Questions Answered…


  • Are You Still Baffled By Air Passes? Your Questions Answered…
  • Are You Still Confused About Travel Insurance? Your Questions Answered…

Quick and Easy

Credit: h.koppdelaney

Sometimes you just want results. The following headlines promises just that…

60. How to Hack [topic]


61. The One Thing You Must Do in [Place]


  • The One Thing You Must Do In Rome
  • The One Thing You Must Eat in Asia (But Are Afraid To)

62. The 5 Words That Will [blank]


  • The 5 Words That Will Save Your Life in Angola
  • The 5 Words That Will Let You Drink for Free In Napa

63. How to [blank] In One Day


  • How to See Paris’s Best Museums in One Day
  • How to Speak Basic Spanish in One Day

64. Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Simplify [blank]


  • Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Simplify Business Travel
  • Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Simplify Booking Online

65. 5 Steps to [benefit]


  • 5 Steps to “Do” Eastern Europe
  • 5 Steps to Safe Travel With Kids

66. [blank]: The Quick and Easy Way


  • Flight Upgrades: The Quick and Easy Way
  • Eurail Passes: The Quick and Easy Way

67. [number] Ways to [benefit] Without [common problem]


  • 7 Ways to Eat in Switzerland Without Breaking Your Budget
  • 5 Ways to Explore L.A. Without Getting Shot

68. 7 Simple Ways to [blank]


  • 7 Simple Ways to Travel Europe for Less
  • 9 Simple Ways to Plan Your Dream Trip


Credit: JoeInSouthernCA

These headlines announce what’s happening now. They’re a great way to position something you’ve recently done (e.g. created a new product, won an award or launched a new website).

Alternatively, you can cite something in the news and use that as your lead.

For example…

69. New Study Reveals [Benefit]


  • New Study Reveals Travelers Have More Sex (But Shower Less)
  • New Study Reveals Top 10 Healthiest Countries

70. Introducing [new product, discount, etc.)

  • Introducing Travel Blogger Academy’s New Writer: Me
  • Introducing Travel Blogging 101

71. You’re Invited To [blank]


  • You’re Invited To Party With Us In Thailand!
  • You’re Invited To Save 20% On Your Next Flight With RyanAir

72. FREE: [useful information and/or discounts]


  • FREE: Best Pictures of Dangerous Places
  • FREE: The Ultimate Guide to South America


Credit: LeMast

If you’ve come this far, you realize many headlines use numbers.

There’s a very good reason for that: they work. Numbers make your headline specific, and tell the reader if the article will be a quick read (5 Reasons to…) or an in-depth resource (101 Headlines…).

A word on numbers: use odd numbers when possible. They tend to stick in people’s heads better (with the exception of the classic “Top 10” lists).

73. 9 Ways to [blank]


  • 9 Ways to Travel From Europe to Asia
  • 5 Ways to See Machu Pichhu

74. The Top 10 [blank]


  • The Top 10 Countries for Backpacking
  • The Top 10 Rivers for Rafting

75. 7 Reasons Why [blank]


  • 7 Reasons Why Ko Phi Phi Is Overrated
  • 9 Reasons Why Argentines Are Sexy

76. 5 [blank] (But [blank]) Things to Do in [blank]


  • 5 Fun (But Slightly Naughty) Things to Do in Russia
  • 5 Incredible (But Crazy) Things to Do in Bangkok

77. 51 [blank] to See/Do Before You Die


  • 51 Foods to Eat Around the World Before You Die
  • 75 Monuments to See Before You Die

78. 5 Little Known (but [blank]) Things to Do In [Location]


  • 35 Little Known (But Delicious) Indian Dishes
  • 7 Little Known (But Gorgeous) Beaches in Australia

79. 15 [blank] I Learned in [blank]


  • 15 Life Lessons I Learned in Africa
  • 7 Wines I Learned to Love in Argentina

80. [blank]: 21 Practical Tips


  • Visiting Israel: 21 Practical Tips
  • Burning Man: 15 (Im)Practical Tips


Credit: Editor B

Nowadays we binge on information but starve for knowledge. Including a “why” in your headline promises an explanations… not “just the facts”.

81. Why I Hate [blank]


  • Why I Hate Stereotypes About Americans
  • Why I Hate France… But Love the French

82. Why I Won’t Visit [place] Again


83. Why I’ll Never Live in [place]


  • Why I’ll Never Live in San Francisco
  • Why I’ll Never Live in Sydney (But Did, Anyways)

84. 5 Shocking Reasons Why [blank]

  • 5 Shocking Reasons Why the Japanese Live So Long
  • 7 Shocking Reasons Why Greece Is My Favorite Country

85. 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love [place]


  • 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Antigua, Guatemala
  • 9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Melbourne


Credit: benjaminasmith

Everyone wants to be better at something. Look better, cook better, feel better… whatever. Promise to improve your readers by using the following headlines…

86. How [blank] Makes You A Better [blank]


  • How Travel Makes You A Better Person
  • How Buenos Aires Makes You A Better Lover

87. Do You Have the [blank] to [blank]?


  • Do You Have the Courage to Raft the Amazon?
  • Do You Have the Brains to Speak 9 Languages?

88. Why You Can’t [blank] (and What to Do About It)


  • Why You Can’t Afford Europe (and What to Do About It)
  • Why You Can’t Speak Like A Local (and What to Do About It)

89. [Location]: The 5 Must-See Attractions


  • New Zealand: The 5 Must-See Attractions
  • Kyoto: The 5 Must-See Attractions for Art Lovers

90. [blank] You Can Be Proud Of


  • How to Take Photos You Can Be Proud Of
  • Travel Pieces You Can Be Proud Of

91. Where [blank] Should Go (But Don’t)


  • Where Surfers Should Go (But Don’t)
  • Where Adrenaline Junkies Should Go (But Don’t)

92. The Art of [blank]


  • The Art of Budget Travel: How to See the World For Less
  • The Art of Languages: How to Start Speaking From Day One

93. Treat Yourself to [blank] in [blank]


  • Treat Yourself to La Dolce Vita in Italy
  • Treat Yourself to These 9 Luxury Destinations

94. Take Advantage of [blank]


  • Take Advantage of These Special Cruise Discounts!
  • Take Advantage of These Summer Getaways!


Credit: hoshi7

From travel planning to blogging, people need help. By creating a blueprint or guide you provide your readers with the definitive resource on a subject.

For example…

95. The Beginner’s Guide to [blank]


  • The Beginner’s Guide to Eastern Europe
  • The Beginner’s Guide to English Pub Etiquette

96. Yours Free: A Cheat Sheet for [blank]


  • Yours Free: A Cheat Sheet to Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Yours Free: A Cheat Sheet to Basic Phrases Around the World

97. Announcing [blank]: A Simple Blueprint for [blank]


  • Announcing “Travel Blogging 101”: A Simple Blueprint For Building and Launching A Profitable Travel Blog
  • Announcing “Surf and Turf”: A Simple Blueprint for Surfing Your Way Around the World

98. The Ultimate Guide to [topic]


  • The Ultimate Guide to Asia
  • The Ultimate Guide to North American Roadtrips: Where to Go, What to See and How to Get There

99. [blank]: The Ultimate Checklist


  • Long Term Travel: The Ultimate Checklist
  • What to Do in Spain: The Ultimate Checklist

100. The No-Nonsense Guide to [blank]

  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Traveling With Kids
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Beirut

101. The Step-by-Step Guide to [blank]

  • The Step-by-Step Guide to the Louvre
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Sydney

Congratulations, You Made It! Now Here’s What to Do Next…

1. Leave one of your headlines in the comments below. I’ll take a look and offer my suggestions on how you can improve it.

2. Plus, if you do use one of these headline templates - and you most certainly should -  let me know and I’ll add them to the list (with a link to your article).

3. And of course, don’t forget to share this post!

About adamcosta

Adam Costa is co-founder and Editor in Chief of both Trekity.com and TravelBloggerAcademy. He currently lives... um... somewhere.


  1. I like these headlines even better with the word “blank” in them!

  2. Really helpful respource, Adam… as I told mentioned on your post at HBB, this is something I will need in near future 🙂

  3. Glad you dig them Amandeep - be sure to use them. Every one of these headlines have been proven to work for decades… why reinvent the wheel?



  4. Thanks a lot for the article. Awesome.

  5. Love it! Thanks! I’m sharing this article on https://www.facebook.com/onlinekurser. Great headlines.

  6. Awesome post! I’m in the process of turning an step-by-step guide (ebook) of mine into an eCourse and have been struggling with making the lesson names catchy.

    Definitely going to be trying these out.

  7. I used to write press releases for a living, still do occasionally so I’ve used this format over and over. Never seemed to get it into my post headlines though and I’m not sure why. Nice reminder, Adam. Thanks!

  8. This great slice of inspiration - has been saved to Evernote. Thanks!

  9. Really great post. It must have taken you hours to come up with this. Well done…

  10. Excellent resource Adam - going to put this into practice immediately! And have to say thanks to Molly McHugh on Face Book for recommeding you 🙂

  11. Hi Adam - Great post, and what a handy list to keep around. Btw, we did change things a bit and leverage your idea #52 for one of our recent blog posts 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    Here is the post link. If you feel appropriate, as you mentioned in #2 on What to Do Next above, feel free to use our article as example. Will continue to read your blog for sure!


  12. Great knowledge. I have change 2 of my blog title based on your recommendation.

  13. I found this through your post on John Chow. Excellent tips on both - thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Adam,

    I enjoyed reading about your 35 quick fixes to improve your blog on John Chows Dot com blog. Great tips!

    Here you provide even more value. These head lines hit you right between the eyes and grab your attention. This is what a headline should do.

    Thanks so much for sharing these great headlines and making it easy. I’m sure they will come in very handy for all of us when getting stuck on what to write for a headline.

    Terry Conti

    • OuupPPs.. forgot to insert a head line and subhead line I have right now going out on the web on a squeeze page. I can’t determine if it’s any good because the squeeze page it still new and have to work it to get people to see it.

      Here’s the headline-

      They Truly Don’t Want You To Know About This…

      Free Information About

      What You Can Do To Naturally Strengthen Your Immune System + so much more…
      Virus Fight Now

      Get To Know About The Master Antioxidant Within Your Body

  15. Fantastic list to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks, Adam! I’ve been a web content writer for the better part of 12 years, but the travel industry is somewhat new to me. This list will come in very handy. In fact, it got me started on a few new blog posts this afternoon — I’ll be sure to let you know when they go live, as I do welcome your expert opinion.


  16. thanks for this post, very helpful. more power..

  17. Hello - Found you from a John Chow post. I thought that Question Marks couldn’t be put in Headlines. A lot of the blog posts I’ve already put on, plus many I’m working on, I’ve avoided Question Marks because I thought that they couldn’t be used in Titles and Descriptions, re Meta Tags - that the Question Marks - ? - would mess up the programming or cause some kind of problem.

    Am I wrong? If so, I will start using them in the future - and maybe CHANGE some current blog titles.


    • Hi David, I’ve never heard of question marks causing any problems in the title. I could see it becoming a problem in the permalink though. Because WP defaults to using the title as the permalink, you should change the permalink to your SEO keyword. Hope this helps.

  18. HI Adam,
    I just found the next best thing for my travel blogging success. I have a feeling your site is going to help me big time! *does a happy dance
    Thanks 🙂

  19. WOW! What a great post! Just by the number 20 I had 3-4 article ideas and these days I felt like I don’t have anything to write about… So useful! I can’t wait to dig into this website for more inspiration and knowledge!

    One of my headlines: I bet you didn’t know these 10 facts about Bulgaria. How does it sound to you? Would you read it?

  20. some awesome nuggets here, I have just written out 50 odd headlines i could use for my blog and thats just from reading the first few headline ideas!
    Going to get down and start getting some content under the headlines now.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I began writing articles with how to… But SEO analysis suggested I changed as it aascreating too many ‘stop’ words.


  22. All the ‘Questions’ headlines are amazing and I haven’t actually seen too many travel bloggers doing this sort of post yet, so well done for coming up with those in particular!


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