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Interview Series: Aaron Beaudoin, Travel Writer for

Aaron Beaudoin is a travel writer and has written for A lot.

In this interview, Aaron reveals:

  • How to come up with interesting story angles (and craft intros which really work)
  • Why writing in the evening is good for the soul
  • The number one resource for researching travel content

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4 Simple Steps to Murder Writer’s Block Once And For All

Writer’s block is two things.

First, it’s a mental block which prevents you from writing anything worthwhile.

Secondly, it’s a complete myth. Seriously. Like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the perfect man… it simply doesn’t exist.

Think about it: you don’t ever run out of things to say, right? Sure, you might shut up for a few minutes… but then (if you’re like me) you start running your mouth again.

So to kill writer’s block you’ve got to write your way through it. The following are four methods to get rid of writer’s block once and for all…

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How Travel Bloggers Can (and Should) Use Pinterest for Traffic

Gary Arndt figured this out early.

As a travel blogger specializing in photography, Pinterest was an obvious place to build a presence for Everything-Everywhere.

Which he did.

So did Ana White. The Alaskan mom who set up a carpentry blog… and now receives over 6,000 visitors a day from Pinterest alone.

And with a week or two of hard work you could have a board to rival Gary Arndt and Travel Channel.

Seriously… Pinterest is WIDE open for travel bloggers.

Here’s how to get traffic from it…

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