How to Get Press Coverage: A 5 Step Process That Really Works

"Back, evil paparazzi!"

My father was a “journo” for well over thirty years.

And you know what? He struggled to find credible experts for interviews.

But not anymore.

Now journos can easily find sources to interview online.

And by building relationships with even a few journalists, you can ensure a steady amount of press coverage.

If done correctly.

Below is a 5 step process to help you effectively find reporters, build relationships and eventually pitch them your story ideas.

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WARNING: 7 Signs Your Content Sucks (and How to Fix It)

Reader beware... this could be you...

It hits you like a punch in the gut…

You’ve spent hours writing your post… then polished it lovingly until you thought it was perfect

Excited, you press “Publish” and wait…

… and wait…

… and wait.

No one leaves a comment.

Or shares it on Facebook.

Or Twitter.

And you can’t help but wonder: Are the gods against me? Or does my content really suck that bad?

The truth is… it might.

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3 Tools to Pimp Gmail and Network Like a Rockstar

I’ll be perfectly honest…

… Gmail makes me want to slam my head against a concrete wall.

Or chew sharded glass. Or write for Lonely Planet.

Anything but deal with what must be the least intuitive email service ever.

But - as much as it pains me to admit it - once you get the hang of it, Gmail is incredibly useful and allows you to get more done in less time.

Especially when it comes to outreach.

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Interview Series: Barbara Weibel of Hole in the Donut

How do you build a popular blog? What should you focus on? And why is branding oh-so-important from the outset?

Barbara Weibel - the driving force behind Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel - knows what it takes to build a successful travel blog. In this interview Barbara reveals:

  • the *most* important thing to focus on before you start blogging
  • why “slow and steady” is the way to go
  • three things every new travel blogger must do

Enter Barbara…

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