5 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now (And How To Fix Them)

If you want to succeed with SEO and score free traffic from Google you must read Rand’s article.

You did read it, right?

Now that you understand the basics, I’d like to cover five common SEO mistakes travel bloggers make and how to fix them.

#5. Not doing keyword research

Keyword research is simple: use the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are searching for (e.g. “best beaches in Southeast Asia”) then create valuable content about it (e.g. “The 7 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia for Backpackers”).

See how easy that is?

The trick is to do keyword research before you start.

BUT don’t just write about topics you find in Google. Create wacky, off the wall articles like “The Ultimate Guide to Lederhosen” or “7 Nude Beaches in Australia That Don’t Allow Old People” to keep your existing readers entertained.

It’s a balance, really. Create content that is entertaining AND informative. It will get you new readers and help keep your existing ones.

(Note: For the nuts-and-bolts of keyword research, read Rand’s article.)

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How Vagabondish Can Boost Its Business (And How You Can, Too)

How do you convert more visitors?

In this short video I offer some suggestions to Mike Richard, the brains behind Vagabondish.com.

We go over simple steps you can use to get more subscribers and grow your travel blog even faster.

Watch the video right here…

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How We Got 8,000+ Pageviews To Our Brand-New Travel Blog On The First Week (And How You Can, Too)

Travel Blogger Academy - Grow TrafficWanna learn how to drive *more traffic* to your travel blog using free (or low-cost) ways?

How to build relationships with top travel bloggers, without looking like a sleazeball?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Many bloggers struggle just to get their writing out there, and once they do… they figure traffic will come knocking on their door.

But we both know that’s not the case, right?

After all, you can be the greatest writer in the world, but without traffic, you’ll never get the comments, social shares and status that comes from having a wildly popular travel blog.

Traffic helps pay the bills.

So read the articles under the “Traffic” menu to learn how to growing your travel blog and how my wife Darcie and I launched Trekity.com and received over 8,000 pageviews its first week!

Was it luck? A “viral” post?

Hell no! We worked our asses off to coordinate a killer launch sequence.

And if you want to learn more in-depth methods for growing your travel blog, grab the free 24 part series.

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