How Vagabondish Can Boost Its Business (And How You Can, Too)

How do you convert more visitors?

In this short video I offer some suggestions to Mike Richard, the brains behind

We go over simple steps you can use to get more subscribers and grow your travel blog even faster.

Watch the video right here…

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How to Make Money With a Travel Blog (Without Selling Your Soul)

Travel Blogger Academy - Get PaidLet’s make one thing clear:

There is nothing wrong with making money.

Money pays for hosting. It pays for time. And it pays for your effort.

So if you’re a travel blogger, don’t hesitate to make money with your travel blog. It’s a good idea.

Money pays for your bills… which frees up your time to work full-time on your blog. And once you’ve got extra revenue, reinvest your profits to grow your blog further.

For example, hire a virtual assistant to handle boring day-to-day tasks. Or pay for a redesign. Or iPhone app. Whatever it is… money is what makes it happen.

But beware: bad monetization alienates readers and kills your blog.

Never monetize at the expense of your readers. Sure, paid links might seem like a good idea (or getting paid peanuts for travel guides) but ask yourself: are you building your brand? Are you building a business? And are you proud of your work?

Monetization is the final puzzle piece, and it’s where many travel bloggers get hung up.

So before you monetize your site, read the articles under the “Money” menu…

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