The Essential Guide to Newsletters (And Why Every Travel Blog Needs One)

Email Tips © by Ron Mader

Nothing sexy here…

No flashy “Web 2.0” gimmicks or other such strangeness.

Instead, we’re going to focus on the oh-so-unsexy (but EXTREMELY effective) newsletter.

Yes, email.

Now you might be wondering… Why a travel newsletter? Why not Twitter? Or  Facebook?

Listen closely.

Because in this post you will learn:

  • How to get started (including my favorite service to use)
  • What types of content/style works best
  • How people are building seven and eight figure businesses with email
  • Five simple reasons email crushes social media
  • Why travel is the perfect market for this model (and how to get started)
  • How to convince readers to sign up - without being annoying
  • The two simple factors in growing your readership
  • Extremely smart (and PROFITABLE) ways to monetize

Ready? Then let’s roll…

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10 Timeless Blogging Lessons Learned from World Travel

joke about texas bbq being a serious business for travel bloggers

Texas BBQ is serious business.

You know travel’s good for the soul…

… but did you know it’s good for business, too?

It’s true.

After three INSANE years of world travel, I’m going to share with you ten business lessons I’ve learned around the world… and how you can use these to improve your own travel blog.

As billionaire Richard Branson once famously said…

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A Bulletproof Guide to SEO for Travel Bloggers

seo advice travel bloggers can use

Don’t worry - you don’t need to get this joke to enjoy this post. Promise.

You’re not gonna believe this…

After interviewing ten top travel bloggers I discovered something incredible.

I discovered that - on average - each blogger gets between 50 - 70% of their total traffic from the search engines.

Which - as someone with years of SEO experience - was encouraging.

But what if you don’t know much about SEO?

What if you just want a simple blueprint to help
improve your rankings…

without fighting through countless SEO books, blogs and forums to find the answers?

Fear not, because…

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31 Brilliant Business Lessons From Successful Travel Bloggers

I’m not a stalker.


Sure, I follow people without their knowing it (on Twitter, anyways)…

But you know what?

I’m tired of it. Tired of waiting… and watching… and wishing I was one of those successful travel bloggers.

So I did something about it. I stopped stalking - and started talking.

I asked ten popular travel bloggers to spill their secrets on how they transformed their love for travel into a popular blog.

Best part? They did.
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Case Study: How Scored 8,370 Pageviews Its First Week

I must warn you: this is a long post.

But you deserve the full story and - if you’re willing to walk through this - you’ll discover exactly what my wife and I did to launch, our new travel blog.

More importantly, you’ll discover the exact traffic strategies we used to get 8,370 pageviews the first week.

Ready to get started?

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101 “Magnifiers” For Exploding Your Travel Site’s Traffic

Ants beware…

Struggling to get your content out there?

If so… you’ve come to the right place.

Because no matter how fantastic your website may be, the sad fact is…

Great Travel Content – No Matter How Brilliant - Goes Unread Every Day!

Until someone reads it… finds value in it… and shares with others, your content exists in a black hole.

Therefore, instead of publishing content and “hoping” it goes viral, use the following 101 methods to get the word out about your travel blog.

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Interview With Mike Richard From Vagabondish

Do you know Mike Richard?

He’s the guy behind, a travel blog which gets between 200K and 300K pageviews a month.

Mike and I have worked together on a number of projects, and he stopped by the Academy to answer some hard questions about building a successful travel blog.

In this 38 minute interview you’ll learn:

  • What Mike does to make money (and what he avoids)
  • How the “Dunn Effect” got him interviewed by Tyra Banks
  • The three things every travel blogger must do right now to succeed
  • Why he doesn’t put himself on the site (hint: it’s not because he’s shy)
  • What he wished he did earlier (and you can do right now)

This interview should be required study for anyone looking to build a successful travel blog.

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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting for Travel Bloggers

Guest posting on travel blogs. How to get noticed.

Get noticed.

Did you know…

Guest posting is a proven method for improving your website’s traffic and search engine rankings?


But it’s also one of the least understood and poorly executed methods for generating traffic.

Many bloggers don’t follow the three simple steps to success with guest posting… and quit before they see results.

But if you do it smart… keep at it… and write your ass off… you’ll start to see results.

I should know.

Take a look at the screenshot in Google:

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How We Launched 50 Guest Posts In One Day (And How You Can, Too)

Crazy, right?

Looking back, I still can’t believe Darcie (my wife) and I pulled it off. It was definitely a helluva way to launch Trekity and TBA.

And you know what?

It was easier than we expected.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how– with a little planning and a LOT of hard work – you can do the same.

Let’s begin…

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How Travel Bloggers Can (and Should) Use Pinterest for Traffic

Gary Arndt figured this out early.

As a travel blogger specializing in photography, Pinterest was an obvious place to build a presence for Everything-Everywhere.

Which he did.

So did Ana White. The Alaskan mom who set up a carpentry blog… and now receives over 6,000 visitors a day from Pinterest alone.

And with a week or two of hard work you could have a board to rival Gary Arndt and Travel Channel.

Seriously… Pinterest is WIDE open for travel bloggers.

Here’s how to get traffic from it…

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