Case Study: The Pros and Cons of Writing an eBook

eBook © by goXunuReviews (Flickr)

After reading How to Write a Super Sexy eBook in 2 Days Without Losing Your Mind,  I instantly knew that writing an eBook would be a great learning experience, and hopefully, a new source of income.

As a travel blogger, I had writing experience, but had never compiled my writing into an eBook.

I also loved that writing an eBook would cost nearly nothing, except my time.

With plans to move to Barcelona, I needed to increase the income from my website to support myself.

Here’s my case study on the pros (and cons) of writing an eBook…

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7 Must-Have Apps to Turbocharge Your Guest Posting

Asleep at computer from guest posting

Guest posting wearing you out?

Are you out of ideas to write about?

Do you have writer’s block?

What about the opposite…

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of writing you need to do?

We’ve all been there. At both ends of the spectrum.

Then Adam tells us to guest post on other blogs too.

Yes, more writing.

Wait. It doesn’t have to be that bad.

Below are 7 apps to help streamline your guest posting. Some will even help your blog.

With the tools below, you’ll be able to quickly write and format your post for any site that accepts it.

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The Essential Guide to Newsletters (And Why Every Travel Blog Needs One)

Email Tips © by Ron Mader

Nothing sexy here…

No flashy “Web 2.0” gimmicks or other such strangeness.

Instead, we’re going to focus on the oh-so-unsexy (but EXTREMELY effective) newsletter.

Yes, email.

Now you might be wondering… Why a travel newsletter? Why not Twitter? Or  Facebook?

Listen closely.

Because in this post you will learn:

  • How to get started (including my favorite service to use)
  • What types of content/style works best
  • How people are building seven and eight figure businesses with email
  • Five simple reasons email crushes social media
  • Why travel is the perfect market for this model (and how to get started)
  • How to convince readers to sign up - without being annoying
  • The two simple factors in growing your readership
  • Extremely smart (and PROFITABLE) ways to monetize

Ready? Then let’s roll…

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How To Read Minds And Become Irresistible To Your Audience

Sexy red © by Menachim Czertok

Who are you writing for?

It’s an honest question…

… but a dangerous one, too.

Because if you don’t know exactly who you’re writing for – their passions, fears and prejudices – your writing will FAIL.


Maybe… but true.

Fortunately, you can “tap” into your audience in just a few simple steps. Best part? You can set these processes up so that it automatically gathers feedback for you.

You can set these processes up… turn them on… and gain valuable insights for years to come.

Now I’d like to share these methods with you.

But first…

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10 Timeless Blogging Lessons Learned from World Travel

joke about texas bbq being a serious business for travel bloggers

Texas BBQ is serious business.

You know travel’s good for the soul…

… but did you know it’s good for business, too?

It’s true.

After three INSANE years of world travel, I’m going to share with you ten business lessons I’ve learned around the world… and how you can use these to improve your own travel blog.

As billionaire Richard Branson once famously said…

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31 Brilliant Business Lessons From Successful Travel Bloggers

I’m not a stalker.


Sure, I follow people without their knowing it (on Twitter, anyways)…

But you know what?

I’m tired of it. Tired of waiting… and watching… and wishing I was one of those successful travel bloggers.

So I did something about it. I stopped stalking - and started talking.

I asked ten popular travel bloggers to spill their secrets on how they transformed their love for travel into a popular blog.

Best part? They did.
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The 2 Deadly Phrases Your Readers Are Thinking Right Now

Ernest Hemingway - a notoriously fearsome writer and traveler - once said:

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”


But I’d like to take this a step further…

Imagine - as you write your next post - there is a gun to your head. And your life depends on keeping that person happy.

That person, of course, is your reader. And you better keep their attention.

But how?

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The #1 Mistake That Kills Travel Blogs and Makes You Feel Like A Failure

It isn’t a lack of brains, talent or money.

That would mean only the brilliant, rich and exceedingly talented could ever succeed.

But you know that’s not true, right?

After all, there are plenty of idiots and wild mountain jack-asses with money (just turn on MTV and you’ll see what I mean).

So what is it? What separates the successful from everyone else?

It’s not what they have… it’s what they don’t let get in the way.


Distraction from doing what really matters: writing great content, building relationships and creating profitable products.

Distraction really is a killer. It’s also makes you feel like a failure.

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How to Write a Super Sexy eBook in 2 Days Without Losing Your Mind

Good writing takes time. But it shouldn’t take too much time.

So if you want to write faster, use the following method. It  will cut your writing time by at least 50% without sacrificing quality.

In one case this method helped me deliver a 30 page eBook on painting (houses, not canvases) in just two days.

So if I can do this on painting, think how easy it’ll be on a sexy topic like travel.

Ready? Then let’s roll…

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Interview Series: Geraldine DeRuiter From Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter (Everywhereist)

Creating killer content doesn’t have to be hard.

In this action-packed interview, Geraldine DeRuiter  from Everywhereist reveals how she continuously churns out fresh, interesting takes on everyday situations like cupcakes, restaurants and mean women in Lego stores.

You’ll learn:

  • how Everywhereist went from 200 daily visitors to 10,000 in a single day
  • three crucial things travel bloggers need to do now (but rarely do)…
  • why “haters” are actually a good thing…
  • how “the Mom factor” helps you know when/how to promote your blog…
  • an interesting take on monetization (one we don’t talk about here!)…

Plus a whole crate-load of obscenities and observations.

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