Case Studies Wanted!

Sharing: Mine vs. Yours

Sharing: Mine vs. Yours

Travel bloggers love to share.

They share their favorite (and worst) travel destinations, funny and embarrassing travel stories, and even business strategies.  From Facebook groups to international conferences, travel blogging is a sharing community.

Now why is this important?

Sharing helps us learn faster, better serve our customers, and develop strategic partnerships.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Issac Newton

Case Studies Wanted!

Would you like to share a valuable lesson you’ve learned from travel blogging?

Then, we’re looking for you.

Travel Blogger Academy is looking for case studies from real travel bloggers - from beginners to experienced.  For our situation a case study is a descriptive analysis of an event or strategy that’s used to determine underlying principles.

Each case study must meet two criteria:

  1. Must be based on a real experience.
  2. Must be exceptionally well written (1,500+ words with images, facts, and figures).  As you know, the information we provide on Travel Blogger Academy is extremely valuable and well written.  We expect the same from case study submissions.  Don’t bother submitting anything less than exceptional.  We’ll reject it.

All case studies will be written in a question and answer format (more on that in a sec) and can be based on successes OR failures.

Benefits of Writing a Case Study

You’ve enjoyed the FREE information on this website, right?

So why not reap some benefits of working with us?

Here’s a few benefits:

  • Share your own case study and earn massive cyber karma.  If you share, you will receive.
  • Reach an audience of dedicated travel bloggers, some people you might potentially partner with in the future.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Get comments and feedback from fellow travel blogging experts on what to do next time around.
  • Improve your SEO ranking.  We allow two links in the author bio.

Case Study Q&A

Each case study will be slightly different, but here’s a list of general questions that we’ll ask:

  • What is your case study about? (e.g. writing an eBook, new marketing strategy, partnering with new website, monetizing your site, selling/buying a site, launching a new product, creating an email campaign, etc.)
  • How did you develop the idea?  Did you follow someone else’s strategy, poll your audience, guess, etc.?
  • What were your goals with your idea?  What did you foresee the result being?
  • What were your website’s numbers before (e.g. domain authority, monthly traffic, social media numbers, sales, revenue, etc.)
  • What were your website’s numbers after?
  • How did you research and plan your idea?
  • What tools, websites and email templates helped you (please share all)?
  • How long did the project take to implement?  How did you stay on track?
  • How did you negotiate pricing?  Any tips?
  • What were your marketing strategies for growing traffic, increasing brand recognition, and partnering?  (e.g. press release, guest posts, affiliate program, etc.)
  • What were the pros?
  • What were the cons?
  • Would you do it again?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What are your overall thoughts and advice for fellow travel bloggers?

Make sense?

Pitch Us

To pitch a case study, please contact us with your case study idea and website information.