A Six Month Roadmap to Boost Your Travel Blog’s Traffic


The other day I said something strange.

Getting traffic is easy, it’s building an audience that takes time.

People were stunned.

“Getting traffic is NOT easy,” they said. “Unless you’ve already got a huge blog… it takes a TON of work to get traffic!”

But here’s the thing…

Getting traffic is easy… if you have a roadmap.

The Shocking True Story Behind the Trekity Launch

My wife and I have been building online businesses for over five years now.

Things were going well: we were making a pretty good living online and worked on all sorts of interesting projects.

But something was missing

As much as we both love marketing, we weren’t working on what we loved more than anything: travel.

Our book, published way back in 2009!

In fact, we even published a book called Business In A Backpack which explained how to build businesses while traveling the world.

Here we were, working on different businesses while we traveled the world… but… we weren’t talking about travel at all!

Something had to change

You probably know the feeling: you start a travel blog, put your heart and soul into it and all of sudden the reality hits you: this is a lot of work!

It’s no longer just about travel… it’s about SEO, lead generation, monetization… all so you can do what you love for a living.

That was our problem, too.

Fortunately, we had a TON of experience before we launched Trekity.

Darcie’s worked in marketing and business development for years… and I’ve consulted large companies on how to further grow their business (some of that advice has resulted in six and seven figure increases for them). I’ve also worked as a market analyst for Google, then became a full time copywriter.

So we weren’t just “starting from scratch.” But still…

We started with nothing (just like you)

Before we launched Trekity, we had ZERO relationships in the travel market… ZERO content on the blog and ZERO links for that precious SEO traffic.

We had nothing… except a plan.

We gave ourselves 90 days to launch. During that time Darcie and I worked like dogs lining everything to go live at the same time.

And it was all worth it because we got…

8,370 Pageviews Our First Week!

8,370 pageviews in the first week - click to enlarge

Pretty cool, right?

In fact, I was so excited I published a case study outlining how we did it.

The result?

People LOVED it.

And then I created Travel Blogging 101 - a free 24 part course offering my advice on how to build and grow a successful travel blog.

And again, the response was very positive:

 Really loved your TBA series! - Caz Makepeace, YTravelBlog.com

Which got me thinking.

Since people really enjoyed that content… what if I created a six month ACTION PLAN which outlines everything for you?

Where you could simply follow along… do what we do… and increase your traffic the SMART way?

So that’s what I did.

Introducing: A Six Month Roadmap To Grow Your Travel Blog

This roadmap outlines a simple strategy that will grow your travel blog’s traffic over the next six months. And it’s not just “theory” - this is exactly what I’ve done with Trekity (and here at TBA) so I know it works.

Here’s a video preview of the member section:

Now I must be honest

I am terrible at social media. Terrible. I rarely use Twitter and - with the exception of one group - I never use Facebook. And I only teach what I know. So this course mainly revolves around guest posting, SEO and email marketing. Which - as most big-time bloggers point out - are the most effective ways to grow your blog. You’ll discover:

  • How to write posts that get links, shares and traffic for years to come
  • A simple formula to keep readers coming back for more
  • My step by step process for making your blog as “Google friendly” as possible
  • Copies of the EXACT emails we send when pitching guest posts (these are proven to work!)
  • How to create a “virtuous cycle” that grows your traffic on autopilot
I want you to focus on what really matters: growing your blog’s traffic. No more distractions or wondering what to do next… everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-understand way.

Here’s a month by month breakdown

Month 1:  SEO and content development

  • How to create  an SEO friendly site. I show you - on video - how to optimize your blog for the search engines.
  • How to do keyword research the smart way
  • Why Page Rank doesn’t matter (and what to focus on instead)
  • How to set up your posts for extra “Google love”
  • The proven methods which Google updates like Penguin and Panda don’t affect
  • What “cornerstone content” is - and why you MUST focus on this first
  • Content ideas to keep your blog interesting


Month 2: Newsletters and social media

  • The reasons why almost EVERY successful blogger uses newsletters
  • How to get your own newsletter up and running in no time (with video tutorials)
  • Which newsletter service I’ve used for years (and why you should, too)
  • A logical sequence for your newsletter your audience will love
  • The number one mistake people make with newsletters (and how to avoid it)
  • 3 simple tools I use to streamline social media… and…
  • Why social media shouldn’t be your main focus (hint: it’s all about your newsletter!)


Month 3: Build relationships and outreach

  • Exclusive access to my own list of 1,000+ high ranking websites to pitch your guest posts
  • Proven templates for pitching guest posts to sites like Business Insider, ProBlogger and The Next Web
  • 5 tools I use to speed up outreach (this alone will save you hours of work each week!)
  • How to get top bloggers to create content for you
  • A simple follow up series that doubled our acceptance rate on guest posts!


Month 4: Exploding your traffic

  • Link building 101
  • How to write guest posts quickly… without sacrificing quality
  • Google’s changed a lot lately - follow these best practices for huge SEO benefits
  • Why interviews are crucial to your success (for reasons you may not realize)
  • Where (and when) to include social links in your bio
  • What pages you should link to (and why)
  • How the “4×1 technique” can explode your blog’s traffic


Month 5: Leverage, leverage, leverage

  •  How to leverage your work so far and DOUBLE your traffic
  • Why “ego bait” works
  • 5 ideas to repackage content and take it further than ever
  • How you can create professional looking infographics, even if you’re not a designer
  • The one simple trick to getting influential people to promote your stuff


Month 6: Tying it all together

  • A review of everything you’ve learned
  • Long term strategies to build on what you’ve got so far
  • The two-step process that guarantees success
  • How to quickly build a new list of top blogs to contact (this will save you hours of frustration)
  • The peace of mind knowing you’ve got an approach that works!

Now you can travel wherever, whenever

No more offices. Ever.

My last office job was at Google. Not a bad place to work, mind you, but I still needed to get out and see the world. Since then, I’ve been outside the “cubicle” for over three years now and I’ll never go back… … and while Darcie and I have been on the road we’ve done some amazing things:

  • Hiked the Annapurna Circuit (17 days) in Nepal
  • Meditated for ten days in northern India (while our businesses continue to run on autopilot)
  • Learned Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala
  • Lived on a tropical island in the Caribbean
  • Visited Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Lived in the best part of Buenos Aires

And we’ve done all of this while building online businesses. You can, too - all you need is a roadmap to get you there.

Darcie and I used this roadmap to appear on…

5 Reasons why this course will work for you

It’s built for travel bloggers.

To be honest, there are a lot of great blogging courses out there. But very few focus on travel blogs.

This roadmap is built specifically for travel bloggers.

It’s easy to follow. I explain everything step-by-step. And when we cover a new tool, I RECORD myself using it so you can see EXACTLY what needs to be done.

It’s proven to work. This roadmap highlights my own process for growing a blog from scratch. I’ve taken the “best bits” from our own strategies and compiled them into an easy-to-understand format. Remember, this is the process we used to get 8,370 pageviews our first week.

It’s created by an expert. Not to blow my own horn, but I’ve consulted large companies on how to grow their businesses. These companies make five to six figures in revenue per month… and they rely on me to help grow their business further. Frankly, there isn’t another course for travel bloggers created by someone with my level of experience and results.

It’s guaranteed. More on that in a second… but first…

How much is success worth to you?

As you can see from above, people have been blown away by the FREE material I’ve offered… … so you can imagine how in-depth the paid sections are.

I usually charge a minimum of $2,000 per month for my services (and even more for one-off projects).

But that’s not really a win/win for you, right?

After all, you need advice without spending a ton of money, right?

So here’s what I came up…

Try out this Six Month Roadmap - completely risk free for one year - for only $67. And when you compare that to a lot of other courses, it’s a heck of deal. And of course, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions. I’m here to help!

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below and gain instant access to everything!

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A 365 day money back guaranteeMoney Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

If you’re still unsure, don’t say “yes”… just say “maybe.”

Try out this six month roadmap completely risk-free.

You’ve got six months to implement it and six more months to enjoy the benefits. And if you’re not thrilled with the results for any reason, shoot me an email and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

***Looking for the “fine print”? There isn’t any. I want to make this a no-brainer for you… so try it today completely risk-free.***

You’ll be glad you did!

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What people are saying about Travel Blogger Academy

cristina's testimonial about the TBA newsletter“Thank you so very much! This is so insightful and your expertise is really going to help me improve my site. I really appreciate you taking the time. I’ve already started to make a few of the changes! You can tell you genuinely want to help us be better at our craft. Your expertise on SEO and building traffic were invaluable. You were so honest, specific and personable - I feel like you were talking to each one us of one on one!  Thanks for the personal attention and detail 🙂 I know I wouldn’t find any of this info in a book! Can’t wait to see what else is in store at TBA!” - Cristina, thetravolution.com

Adam, I loved the course, need to go back over much of what you covered that is now on the site. Keep up the great work. - Molly McHugh, SouthAmericaLiving.com

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the advice you’ve provided through the Travel Blogger Academy. All the articles, interviews, and profiles you’ve done have been immensely helpful in understanding where and most importantly how to improve. Your input and advice on the finer points of running a website as a business will really help me take my site to the next level. Thank you! Thanks again Adam, and all the best with your future endeavors (I know the TBA course is at an end but I do hope to see much more from you!). Please feel free to excerpt my comments here for use in testimonials. Cheers, Reena, wanderplex.com

Your 25 lesson course over-delivered beyond all my expectations. Filled with quality content, practical advice, it is everything one needs to start a travel blog! Thanks for taking the time to create this for us! - Sophie

I’ve really gotten a lot out of your series, and can’t believe you offer it for free! Keep up the excellent work! Paige Conner Totaro, alloverthemap.net

Hi Adam, First of all I would like to thank you for having set up this awesome blogging course. Whenever I virtually meet new travel bloggers, I recommend your course to them. I love the way it is broken down in short sections. I just went back at some of your previous lessons (yes I am such a nerd that I re-read them sometimes to refresh my memory). - Tamara Braun

Get two special bonuses for joining now


Free Bonus - Circle Badge Green#1. My complete list of 1,000+ guest post prospects

You’ll receive exclusive access to my own “wish list” of guest post opportunities… .. organized by domain name and Domain Authority (so you know exactly how powerful a site’s link is for SEO).

And here’s why you should care:

I’ve spent weeks compiling this list… contacting editors… and deleting non-responders - to ensure  it’s the absolute best for you!

bonus for travel bloggers

#2. Six proven “pitch” templates for guest posts/interviews

Let’s be honest: most travel bloggers struggle with “the pitch.”

For example, you may have the PERFECT idea for a guest post or interview… but don’t use the EXACT phrases publishers want.

That’s why you’ll receive six  professional pitches - written by yours truly - to ensure blogs like the Huffington Post, Lonely Planet and other top websites are ready to promote your travel blog!

Right now, you’ve got two roads ahead of you

Keep struggling, desperately trying to find answers on Facebook… or… You can set up FREE traffic streams to your travel blog - which run for years - without learning “the hard way.”

And unlike bloggers blindly following so-called “best practices” you’ll have a proven roadmap which gives you time to travel the world.

Try it out today:

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To your successful travel blog,

Adam Costa

P.S. - This Six Month Roadmap lays out a simple, easy to follow formula for getting more traffic to your blog. It’s backed by a one year money back guarantee and is offered at the introductory price of $67 - but not for long. So try it today and start getting more traffic to your travel blog!