How to Write a Super Sexy eBook in 2 Days Without Losing Your Mind

Good writing takes time. But it shouldn’t take too much time.

So if you want to write faster, use the following method. It  will cut your writing time by at least 50% without sacrificing quality.

In one case this method helped me deliver a 30 page eBook on painting (houses, not canvases) in just two days.

So if I can do this on painting, think how easy it’ll be on a sexy topic like travel.

Ready? Then let’s roll…

Step #1. Research the smart way

I call this the “brain dump.” Rather than read each article on your topic,  you simply copy and paste all the information you can into a Word document.

Don’t read it yet. Just grab as much information as you can.


Step #2. Go to the library

You’d be amazed at how much info you can find in libraries. Grab a book or two on your subject and bring it home with you. Don’t read it yet. Just get the book.

Step #3. Call in the experts

Sure, the Internet is great… but actually talking with an expert is the fastest, surest way to get quality content. In the case of the painting guide, I spent two or three hours on the phone talking with painters (riveting, I know).

This helped a lot because a) I knew nothing about painting, and b) citing professionals in the eBook made it more credible.

But how do you find these experts?

If it’s destination specific, call the tourism board. Search Google for:

“(destination name) tourism” or “(destination name) visitor center.”

This should yield a phone number of two (unless you’re researching somewhere really far out). Then give them a call, explain you’re writing a guide on the area and want to learn more. Most tourism employees know their area really well… and many love to talk about it.

Listen and learn, my friends. Listen and learn.

Step #4. Pull it all together

Now you’ve got three resources:

  • A giant Word document with online research
  • Books from the library
  • Notes from your interviews

Each has their own purpose.

The books help structure your eBook. The Word doc helps build out the structure, and the interviews add extra goodness to the eBook.

The books help you come up with a structure. Do they all follow a similar, logical pattern? Is there anything you would change, remove or add? The table of contents (TOC) is a great place to outline your eBook.

Got your TOC together? Great.

Now go through your Word doc - the one stuffed with content you found online - and copy/paste content into relevant areas of your outline. This helps you “flesh” out your eBook.

Please understand you are not actually using this content. That would not be cool. All you’re doing is building the framework of your eBook. We’ll go back and change out the content later.

Now look at your interview notes. What advice did they offer you don’t already have? Add that into the Word doc using a different color (because this content is your own). This way when you start to write you’ll know what parts are yours and what parts aren’t.

Remember, plagiarism - intended or otherwise - is not cool.

Step #5. Run your mouth

This part is optional. Dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking prints out what you say. According to them, the average person talks three times faster than they type… so this could be a huge time-saver.

But it’s not 100% accurate. Be prepared to spend some time getting used to the software.

For the record, I do use Dragon Naturally Speaking (grab an older version on Amazon, they’re much cheaper), but I understand the learning curve is tough on new users. It’s up to you.

Here’s how I use it: I’ll open up the Word doc and start “talking” my way through all the content. I don’t just reword every sentence, mind you… instead, I’ll read a few paragraphs, internalize it, and explain it my way (with unique analogies and the occasional tangent).

At times I’ll open one of the books to elaborate on a certain topic.

This is where your interview notes come in very handy. By mixing your own research with several other sources you can create original content in record time.

Ah, but we’re not done yet.

Step #6. Edit

Editing is just as, if not more important than writing. Put simply, it’s where you slash out all the crap and leave the good stuff.

Remove redundant phrases, “flabby” writing and shallow concepts. Tighten your paragraphs. Give it punch.

Step #7. Format

You’ve got a few options here. You can format it in Word yourself (that’s what I do) or hire someone. These guys were mentioned in ProBlogger if you want to check them out.

Why does this method work?

In my experience a writer’s greatest enemy is the blank page. This method essentially “creates” the eBook for you… before you write a single thing.

Then,  it’s just a matter of working with what you’ve got (instead of starting from scratch).

Give it a shot - you’ll be glad you did 😉

Adam Costa

Editor in Chief, Travel Blogger Academy

P.S. This is part of a 24 part course on travel blogging. If you haven’t already, sign up for it now.

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Adam Costa is co-founder and Editor in Chief of both and TravelBloggerAcademy. He currently lives... um... somewhere.


  1. Great article, Adam. I’ve just started writing books for Kindle, and I had heard of Dragon, but never used it. I think that’s my next purchase.

  2. Wow. This average person must be a terrible typist! I type WAY faster than I talk…don’t most writers type 100-plus words per minute? How fast do you talk? Are you from New York? If it works for you, great, but I think most writers would be better served to follow Ursula K. LeGuin’s advice to learn to type! Heck, even my husband types over 100 words per minute, I think they clocked him at 125 and he’s a hobby writer.

  3. Although you are writing the information in your own words, do you ever cite the works you consult? Can that be tricky if not?

  4. This is good advice, in fact, that is how I approached assignment writing at uni. Grab everything, throw it into a file, mix in some ideas, talk to a few people and kick ideas around, then pull it all together, with lots of revision.


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