Interview Series: Geraldine DeRuiter From Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter (Everywhereist)

Creating killer content doesn’t have to be hard.

In this action-packed interview, Geraldine DeRuiter  from Everywhereist reveals how she continuously churns out fresh, interesting takes on everyday situations like cupcakes, restaurants and mean women in Lego stores.

You’ll learn:

  • how Everywhereist went from 200 daily visitors to 10,000 in a single day
  • three crucial things travel bloggers need to do now (but rarely do)…
  • why “haters” are actually a good thing…
  • how “the Mom factor” helps you know when/how to promote your blog…
  • an interesting take on monetization (one we don’t talk about here!)…

Plus a whole crate-load of obscenities and observations.

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