The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting for Travel Bloggers

Guest posting on travel blogs. How to get noticed.

Get noticed.

Did you know…

Guest posting is a proven method for improving your website’s traffic and search engine rankings?


But it’s also one of the least understood and poorly executed methods for generating traffic.

Many bloggers don’t follow the three simple steps to success with guest posting… and quit before they see results.

But if you do it smart… keep at it… and write your ass off… you’ll start to see results.

I should know.

Take a look at the screenshot in Google:

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Why You Shouldn’t Use WordPress

It’s like, the best blogging platform EVER… better than sliced bread, airline miles and street food COMBINED.

So why would ANYONE suggest otherwise?

What type of sick person - especially one dedicated to helping travel bloggers - would steer you in another direction?

Turns out, there is one instance when using WordPress is a really, really bad idea.

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How to Find Your Travel Blog’s Purpose

What’s your blog about?

It’s a tough question. And like many tough questions, it goes unanswered. Or maybe answered vaguely, like “My blog is about my travels.”


Defining your blog’s purpose is the THE most important thing.

Without purpose, you’ll…

  • Never know what to write about
  • Fail to keep readers interested and/or focused
  • Never really do this for a living

So how you define your purpose?

In marketing terms - which you’ll learn throughout this course - you’re looking for your blogs Unique Selling Proposition…

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GUILTY! 15 Travel Cliches We All Use (But Shouldn’t)

yeah right...


You’ve used them. I’ve used them. We’ve all used them.

Which sucks.

Look, I love words.  I mean I love words… especially English words (mostly because I know what they mean).

But some words get used up… dried out… and ultimately mean nothing.

Did you know there are over 900,000 words in English? Close to a million words, just waiting for you to smash them together for your reader’s entertainment. So why, dear reader, bother using them in such tired, predictable ways?

What follows are fifteen clichés which make you look dumb…

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15 Ridiculously Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Bloggers

Let’s face it… WordPress solves a lot of problems for travel bloggers.

But sometimes the sheer volume of plugins - almost 20,000 at time of writing - creates more hassle than it saves.

You should also be aware that adding lots of plugins can ultimately slow down your site’s load time.


So it pays to choose wisely.

Therefore, here are 15 WordPress plugins to (almost) instantly improve your travel blog:

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How We Launched 50 Guest Posts In One Day (And How You Can, Too)

Crazy, right?

Looking back, I still can’t believe Darcie (my wife) and I pulled it off. It was definitely a helluva way to launch Trekity and TBA.

And you know what?

It was easier than we expected.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how– with a little planning and a LOT of hard work – you can do the same.

Let’s begin…

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How to Kick Ass In A World of Boring Travel Blogs

This lesson is going to make a lot of people very, very upset…

… which is why I didn’t publish it on the blog.

It’s not that I’m afraid, mind you. But most people aren’t ready to accept the truth which is…

A lot of travel blogs are really, really boring.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying travel bloggers are boring. After all, anyone who lives out of their backpack and travels to faraway lands has my undying support.

No, it’s not the bloggers who are boring. It’s their blogs.


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How to Quit Your Job and Travel The World In One Year (Or Less)

Chances are, you travel. A lot.

But are your travels limited by a lack of time or money?

It sucks, right?

Believe me, I’ve been there.

This lesson outlines how to break the cycle. It shows how to start building a profitable travel blog which will help fund your travels indefinitely.

But first, a little backstory…

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Travel Writers: 37 Publishers Who Pay

Travel writers need to be in two (or more) places at once…

Before we begin, I’d like to say something…

Here at Travel Blogger Academy, I show you how to run your travel blog as a business.

Therefore, writing for other publications (especially print) may not be the most effective route for two reasons…

  • Reason #1: Most do not pay all that well (though a few on this list do)… and…
  • Reason #2: Print publications don’t lend online benefits. They don’t build links to your site, get shared on social networks or help with SEO. Plus, they don’t send as much traffic to your site (in most cases).

Having said that, getting your name out there is a good thing. And while many of these sites don’t pay much, it can help pay the bills (especially if you’re traveling abroad).

So here’s 37 publishers who pay:

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How to Get Press Coverage: A 5 Step Process That Really Works

"Back, evil paparazzi!"

My father was a “journo” for well over thirty years.

And you know what? He struggled to find credible experts for interviews.

But not anymore.

Now journos can easily find sources to interview online.

And by building relationships with even a few journalists, you can ensure a steady amount of press coverage.

If done correctly.

Below is a 5 step process to help you effectively find reporters, build relationships and eventually pitch them your story ideas.

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